why do I keep hurting myself?

because I want to. That’s the right answer.

I know I’m going o get hurt. and everytime I try to convinve myself that it’s just a game and I know it. But no. I want more. And I get clingy. I keep annoying them. I want to hear sweet things even if it’s not real! maybe. I want to make an impression. that’s for sure.

please answer my messages. I’m feel so stupid. I am.


Green-Eyed Cat

Specially for you, green-eyed cat.

It weren’t your eyes that caught me. It was your smile. And your soul.

I wish I were more like you. I wish I was able to kiss you everyday. I wish you would understand that my silence it’s my way of saying “I have so much to tell you but I’m afraid of your reaction”.

I want to remember you forever. Like you said “In another life we’ll be together”.


Giving Up

I met a soul, once. I couldn’t stop staring at that soul. But, sometimes, you just have to give up. It isn’t for you. It’s not your choice. You have to make that choice. I made the choice. I’m giving up.

destiny, faith, whatever. Not for me.