why do I keep hurting myself?

because I want to. That’s the right answer.

I know I’m going o get hurt. and everytime I try to convinve myself that it’s just a game and I know it. But no. I want more. And I get clingy. I keep annoying them. I want to hear sweet things even if it’s not real! maybe. I want to make an impression. that’s for sure.

please answer my messages. I’m feel so stupid. I am.


Someone told me you would always and forever be the one. But not meant to be together.

I miss you so much. And all we had was a few seconds.

Green-Eyed Cat

Specially for you, green-eyed cat.

It weren’t your eyes that caught me. It was your smile. And your soul.

I wish I were more like you. I wish I was able to kiss you everyday. I wish you would understand that my silence it’s my way of saying “I have so much to tell you but I’m afraid of your reaction”.

I want to remember you forever. Like you said “In another life we’ll be together”.


Giving Up

I met a soul, once. I couldn’t stop staring at that soul. But, sometimes, you just have to give up. It isn’t for you. It’s not your choice. You have to make that choice. I made the choice. I’m giving up.

destiny, faith, whatever. Not for me.



she’s playing with soap bubbles.

sitting by the window. observes.

admires the bubbles that fades into the air.

she’s thinking. reflecting.

it’s sad. it’s joyful. what she’s thinking about. it makes her mood change. and play with soap bubbles.

the image’s not mine.




and it happened.

picked herself up. picked up her dead spirit and left home.
she let herself go by the murk night. guided by her high heels that barely knew those streets.

Allowed her body to be drowned by the suffocating crowds, by the exaggerated loud sounds and finally let her rusty white wings get loose.


#4 I dance for you.

I steal, stole. I’m always stealing for you. Stars, moons, gummy bears and chocolates.

Not to sweeten your mouth.

I know you have nothing left for me. You gave away all your candies. Not to me.

Let me glue together your wings. Heal your wounds. Fix your smile. Give back your glow.

(My chocolate wings have little bites, not mine but from those who made themselves worthy…)

I dance for you, but you don’t notice.

In that world. Our world. Only ours.