Bipolar disorder is a big terrifying monster. Always lurking. I can feel it every time behind me. The pressure, the fear, the anxiety, the sadness… and it’s impossible to runaway from.

I try but I can’t keep friends… even ones with similar troubles. It’s just to complicate to explain or to hide. It’s shameful. I tried to explain myself by saying “sorry, I’m just bipolar” but it’s awful, it’s stupid. I don’t want to get away by victimizing myself.

I want to be better. I want to wake to the same person every day. I want to feel the same way about every thing every time.

I’ve been diagnosed a year ago and I’m the same maybe even worse. And I’m medicated. And no friends in sight.

Life got serious and I got caught in the madness. Every thing’s wrong… I can’t work, I can’t leave the house… the only good thing is my writing because this is the right mood to put in words.


Mad as hell!!! Help!

I just received this on my Airbnb feedback and I just lost it!!! I love my pets so much I give them everything they need I spend more money with them than with me and I got this!!!! I’m so mad I don’t know what to do….

I’m so sick of people being mean just because they can…

An ask for help

Help or share!


I’m here to ask for your help to accomplish this dream I have.

I love animals. And I always knew I wanted to work with them or for them, a lot of ideas crossed my mind but this one is the right one .

I want to create a business that helps handicaped animals. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to deal with them or to have a place for the rescued ones so I want to help them. In addition of being an institution that helps these particular cases I want to create a petwalking petsitting service and a hotel (or a bnb) too to help the main one, handicaped pets, because I also want to help people who fosters or is raising a handicaped pet . I would also want to provide a veteriarian for these pets…

Another idea is to have a Freebox but where people take two and leave one item but pets related.

But first I have to find the building!

So, anything will be helpfull 🙂 I just know that this is my future 🙂

Help or share!


why do I keep hurting myself?

because I want to. That’s the right answer.

I know I’m going o get hurt. and everytime I try to convinve myself that it’s just a game and I know it. But no. I want more. And I get clingy. I keep annoying them. I want to hear sweet things even if it’s not real! maybe. I want to make an impression. that’s for sure.

please answer my messages. I’m feel so stupid. I am.