In Memoriam

This is Luís de Camões or Luisinho. He passed away last week. I’m not sure how old he was, but maybe 5 years. He was family. Just last year survived a serious illness and when everyone thought he was going to die he fought it and came back home. And now someone poisoned him. I felt so angry when I knew. And I’m not home. Never said goodbye. We loved to mess with him, he was very funny and always around. I just hope he knows how he was loved.

This is Sidney. He was just 1 year old. Passed away the same week. The same way. Poisoned. I was getting so attached to him… I loved his meow and his cool vibe and he used to ask me to get into my room to nap 🙂


This is Tom Sawyer. He passed last year… he was a baby. He was born with malformation but was very very loved. And it was a sweetheart.

And this is Miranda. She was about 3 years old. And the was the queen of the house. Loved my mom and mom loved her. She was very tiny and was always for a shoulder. She went out one night and never returned… she is so missed around the house. When we called her she would always answer with her sweet squeek. The dog in the pictured is not with us anymore too.

And these are just the recent ones 😦 We have lots of animals and every year there’s pain… and I miss so much animals… and I  love them all. I just want them to be ok now. My little stars.