It’s todayyyy!!!

I’m so excited :D:D

My halloween party is going to start around 6pm *_* I have all kinds of candy, 4 cats, candles, boyfriend and American Horror Story *_* is going to be sooooo greaattt! and in a bit I’m going to dress up with my dog as red riding hood and the wolf and we’re going out hahaha



Qué me mueve?

What moves me?

The little things in life. Happy animals. Chokers. Halloween. Money. Work. Love. Candy. Photography. Writing. Movies. Stories. Books. Cats. Home. Alternative stuff. My store. Receiving letters… Antique stuff. Castles. Mistery.

I’m very simple. So simple. Too simple I guess.


I have this need to contro that no one understands. They don’t understand I don’t want to control them. I want to control myself. I don’t care about what they do. I care about what they do regarding me. I want to be able to control my life, my peace. My home. I want to feel calm in my own home. Feel the silence. I don’t want to have to fill my ears with music just to be alone. I want my space…I want my peace…I want my happiness…

Why does no one understands what I need…….no one…..

help me.please.

I started my master this year and with it a new chapter in my life.

I lost control of myself. My anxiety took over and then depression took advantage. I lost a dear person. I lost half of me.

I’m being followed by two doctors. But I know that’s just to make me feel a little better, something to make me believe I’m getting better. I’m not, it’s just a distraction.

I feel sad everyday, I cry everyday. I desperate everyday.

This happens to me from time to time. Deep sad stages that get me to another level. But this one is just being so hard on me… I actually thought about killing myself. I’m not sure yet. I just know I need some kind of help. Doctors are not helping. I don’t have friends. My family just thinks I’m stupid. My bf can’t take of me all alone…I don’t want to feel like I need help but I need.