I never considered myself a gamer but the truth is that games have always been a part of my life. So maybe I am?…


Tha first game I spent days playing was “Tekken” on Sega x) I’d play it with my sister and my favourite was always Michelle J then I moved on to “Crash” on PS, I played it for years with my sister, or with my cousin or alone until I finished them all :p the rushhhhhh!!! And “micromachines” were also part, and “NBA” and moto races… good times…


I grew up and started writing and stopped it x) but when I finally had a PC I started playing again, first “GTA” XD then I discovered “The Sims”! It was my game until I got bored, I guess and two years I discovered those finding objects games and “PVZ” and “Obscure” and last year “Child of Light” and now I’m playing “Lucius” on Steam! (I was also  addicted to Nancy Drew games for a while o.o).

And I love to play!

I started “Beyond two souls” on PS this year. I love killing in video games and I really want Aiden to be baaaddd and I want to kill people with himmmm!!!



What are your games…?



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