I said to you. tonight. looking you in the eye without saying a word.

“-See you soon.”

You said to me. You left. I haven’t stopped crying.

“-In another life.”



Supernatural experiences…

I want to believe that is supernatural what sometimes happens to me.

Sometimes in my sleep I hear someone calling me, clearly or I even feel someone touching me, like poking me. What is it? I feel scared but curious about this. The first time this occured I felt really really scared I was dreaming someone was touching my back and I woke and remained feeling it…. more recently it was touching my shoulders and then I turned and it was poking my back like it was on purpose to make me get out of bed o.o

does anyone know what is this?


Purple little flowers

A few weeks ago I went to my favourite garden with my best friend. And it didn’t feel as beautiful as always… the winter was making it naked. But in a way I loved it, I love it, always. I love nature being natural but I don’t know if our garden is being treated right…. :/

On the bright side, it gives us beautiful photos everytime we go there ❤




I just had to share it with you today ’cause I just found it and I love it *__* !!! ’cause it’s so true and I love my children cats so so so much ❤ ❤ ❤