Movies: First 2016

I decided to talk about the 2016 movies I’ve seen so far.

– Intruders

– The Revenant (Leoooo)

– Secret in their eyes (Juliaaaaa)

– Dementia

– The Forest

Note: Only The Forest was actually released in 2016 but I consider the others too ‘cause they were only available to me in January.

All of them great haha I was thinking about talking about I loved the most and the least about them but I think I pretty much liked them all…maybe the one I liked the least was The Forest (they in watched order) I watched it last night and I was loving the forest idea and history and ambience but then it’s like ended too fast?..I don’t know, I was expecting more and I love Natalie Dormer!! she’s so beautiful and I fel in love with her when I saw her in GOT and the in Elementary *__* and she was great in this movie too but I think it could have been much better.


I have seen bad critics about Intruders and Dementia, maybe because they’re different? Intruders was the first 2016 movie I saw and I liked the actress, I didn’t know her but she reminded a loto f Kate Hudson I even went looking if they had and relation O.O I was expecting a twist and I liked the story, a fragile woman kicking all those asses!!! Haha and I agree that the end wasn’t great for the story…It ended with no end?…something like that that didn’t satisfy the viewers.


About Dementia…I really liked the ending!! I don’t why there are so many bad critics! Maybe because there wasn’t a happy ending everyone is expecting from American movies? Well, I’m always hoping for a tragedy ending and this one was very close so I liked it, maybe it wasn’t a suprising story but it did it for me.



Well, The Revenant and Secret in their eyes are just perfect for me :p Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts are two of my favorite actors and their movies are great :p but really, no one can say that Leo wasn’t perfect doing his job…and the bear fight scene is fantastic, really well done and believable. And Julia Roberts was perfect in her character on Secret in their eyes I even forgot it was her, she really is a great actress and the movie is really great too, it’s a remake and I saw the original one which is great and I loved it and this one is a remake but the story is not the same, in my perspective is very different.





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