Isn’t it great when you recognize someone’s handwritting?

Sometimes I find a paper inside a notebook or around the house and recognize the handwritting and I love to know that it’s my mother’s or my boyfriend’s or my best friend’s, a giant smile instantly takes over my face :p

I don’t like people, I don’t like dealing with them but I love them. I love the complexity and I love to “study” and learn how a person operates. But it sucks ’cause I can’t controle it. Sometimes I know that person better than they know themselves. It sucks.

Some days I like to hang out and “study” people other days I just want to kill people and not being a person. And I’m really not, I don’t like being human so I’m a creature. I don’t hide who I am,never did,probably the reason why I never had friends and was always left out and called the anti-social one or the weird one or the different one. O.O

But hey, I love my people, my creatures, I finally found some creatures and they’re mine and I won’t EVER let them go HAHAHA


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