TV Series: Sleepy Hollow


I’ve been watching the series a few weeks now =) and what a great choice! I had already heard about and it was on my watch list but it was when I saw the crossover with Bones that I felt the need to start watching it 😀


It was great! I instantly liked Crane, of course!

Be ready to deal with the headless horsman right on the first episode, to meet the handsome Crane, a beautiful witch and fearless Abby =)


I love the supernatural elements! they are nicely done and the stories are always very surrounding and the way that the pair tries to deal with the mistery is just awesome…

content_pic (1)


And I have a lot of fun when Crane is confronted with certain things X)




Beautiful misterious women almost every episode…


This man! haha 😛

Supernatural elements, artifacts, ancient stories =)


The beautiful red headed witch Katrina that has always her corset on *_*


I’m having a great time following these characters. Are you watching it?


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