Shaun T


I was never a working out person, I always had gym equipment in my house, my father is an athletic person, and I tried working out but I never enjoyed those static movements and never saw a difference…and I knew that if I had a personal trainer I certainly would like it and see a difference.

So, one day my brother was doing Insanity and at the end I saw a promotion to the “new” Hip hop abs work out. That caught my attention! I ran to the computer and started it the next day =D

maxresdefault (1)

It was very rough at the beggining. I think I cried everyday trhought the first level x) but never quit!

Hip hop abs it’s a very fun workout, Shaun T is great! He talks to us so much that we really think we’re with him! he’s like my god now!


I did the two levels of Hip hop abs, and then started T-25! Another great workout to do. This one is harder but, again, with Shaun T it’s not that harder! he’s so cool, and motivates us in a way that you don’t want to let him down.

It’s three stages, each one harder than the other. By the end of it I’d lost 5kg (10 pounds I think) 🙂 and of course, I was already eating healthy. And I feel so great everytime I finish my hard workout 🙂 it’s true that sometimes I cry… it helps that at the end Shaun T always congrats us and tells us that we made a great job XD


Now I’m doing the Rockin’ Body workout.


I’m not really following a plan, I’m making my own. And I really wanted to do a dance workout cause it’s so cheering up and great to loose weight so I figured “dancing with Shaun T???? nothing’s better!!!” and I was right, I love to him shake his booty XD

My goal was to be able to do Insanity….but…. I don’t think so… maybe I can do it but I hear it’s so hard O.O


But yeah, if you’re thinking about working out with Shaun T, do it. You’ll not regret at all. It can be difficult at first. I had never danced before and when I started Hip hop abs was so horrible!!! I couldn’t get a move right but at the end what mattered was me trying and move my body! I was still working out! And now when I go back doing those videos I feel so great with myself! I don’t need to stop or rest…



oh yeah, I take everything he says seriously 😉


He’s always joking around! But also giving you time to drink water or clean up the sweat.



He knows what he’s doing and always starts from the basis of the movement and you’ll progress without even noticing =)


He’s always advising you and he knows when the move can be harder on you and tells you to stop if you need to!

It really feels like he’s there with you!!! Trust me, he’s the best!!!

Now I’m off to rock my body 😉

If you need help contact me. (you know, finding the videos and stuff…)



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