Movie: Black Swan


One of my favourites of all time ❤

Movies about a mental struggle? But not in an evident way? oh yeah, totally my thing.


Maybe because I’ve been living my personal kind of movie…

I always loved ballet, not watching or practising. I love the art. You have to really know how to express yourself while dancing to make a great ballet dance. But I love dancing I it’s my favourite sport (is it considered a sport?), and an art I admire.


This movie features everything to make me love it with all my HEART.

wings, beautiful girls, ballet, mental illness, girl going crazy, obscure environments, dreaming vs reality…


Crazy girls having hot sex!


Natalie Portman was never one of my favourites actresses, and still isn’t but she did a great job… and I don’t love Mila Kunis either but I started paying attention to her.


There should be more movies about psychological struggles. Do you know any movies about it?



The black swan dance was so beautiful and intense!! I really could feel what she was feeling! WINGS *_*


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