Movie: The Moth Diaries



I fell in love with this movie.

large (1).gif

Mistery. Love. Goth. Girls. Depression. Night. Ghosts.


And very few people understand it. It’s difficult for people who haven’t felt a depression to understand it. And I have to say I related to it in a way that I can’t explain.

If you know what a depression is you will love it. It’s a fantastic way to explain it, because depression is real, is there and only we can see it.


I can say it’s a psychological horror. Ernessa being that voice inside our head. But in this case a very beautiful and sensual voice :p


Yup, it’s my type of movie. Weird, sexy, gothic, misterious, psychological. It fits right in my favorite kind of mood. It inspires me to love what I want to love.


I just want to be myself and not have to worry about anything else. Wear my piercing, my clothes. Being WEIRD. Being INSANE. wear CORSETS and chokers and feel ALIVE!! in my own way. Sometimes I appear like a statue person but I’m feeling so much inside that I feel so high…so out of here, so HERE.


The story doesn’t resemble my life or anything but I knew what the character was going through. Some people say the story was rushed and that it could be better…if it was any better I would be completely obssessed with O.o


Vampire lesbian scene??? BEAUTIFUL!





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