Portuguese Palaces

I really love castles and palaces, these antique buildings with so much history to tell. I visit them when I can, me and my family travel to those places when on a special date.

I gathered some.

The photographs are not mine.

Bussaco / Buçaco Palace, Luso


It’s considered the portuguese king’s last legacy and it’s one of the most beautiful historic hotel of the world. 

Pena Palace, Sintra
PalacioIt’s the first romantic palace in Europe. In 2007 was elected one of the seven wonders of Portugal.

Regaleira Palace, Sintra

1 a palacio regaleira2


It’s surrounded by luxurious gardens, lakes, caves and enigmatic constructions.


My favorite *.* I’ve been there two times and I want to go again and again and again….

Monserrate Palace, Sintra


Sintra it’s like this enchanted place, I have this theory that the enchanted forest was there… There’s lots of trees, antique houses, little streets, and there are legends about hidden tunnels and people disappearing. I love it there! I haven’t visited only the Monserrate Palace.

Estoi Palace, Faro


There are much more palaces in Portugal but these ones are the greatest, and the ones that you have to see in person. And you can be sure that the inside of all of them is really stunning.

And I’ll do a post about the castles!


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