Writing a book

I’m writing a book, or I’m trying to. I consider myself a writer…even though I’ve been in a block for the past 4 years maybe, I’m not sure. I used to write a lot of little texts, short stories but then real life got in the way and I couldn’t find peace to write.

But this year a friend told that I could write, that I should try. And I did it, I opened a new word document and typed things I like (angels, magic tree, weird girl) and my fingers just started typing stuff with sense and in a day I wrote 10 pages. Awesome, right? I wrote so far, 70 pages, the start date was June the 9th, I was supposed to write 10 pages a week, but sometimes we can’t force ourselves. I try to write at least a sentence a day to keep it going…  my goal is 250 pages and I’m gonna do it! Maybe I’ll show it to you one day 😉



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