TV Shows: My current list

I watch too many TV shows. I know. And it’s no like I have an enormous mount of time watching them. But it became my escape from my own mind and now it’s like I’m stuck with all these stories to follow-up on.


Currently watching:

– Mistresses

– Devious Maids

– Rizzoli and Isles

– Bones

– The Walking Dead

– Bates Motel

– Scream TV series

– Criminal Minds

– CSI Cyber

– The Fosters

– Modern Family

– Pretty Little Liars

– Elementary

– Switched at Birth

– Under the Dome

– Awkward

– Chasing Life

– Motive

– Once Upon a Time

– Game of Thrones

– American Horror Story

– Eye Candy

– Girls

– Sherlock


The majority of them I just watch because I started them and my “OCD” won’t let me stop.

I like light TV series, shows that have great visual environment or shows with a great intelligent story, depending on my mood or necessity to get out of here for a little bit I watch one or 10 episodes in a row and forget how it is to live in the real world 😉


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