Movies: My Horror ratings


I made a top 10 so you wouldn’t have a long post, maybe I’ll do another one later with other 10 horror movies.

It’s rated from 0 to 10.

1- The Conjuring : 10

2- Long time dead : 10

3- American psycho : 10

4- The strangers : 10

5- El Orfanato : 10

6- Julia’s eyes : 9

7- The Ward : 9

8- The Ruins : 9

9- Shutter : 9

10- Rise : 4

The ones rated 10 are the ones that I don’t care about the plot holes and stuff. I loved the story and I saw it at the edge of my seat for me that’s a deserved 10. The ones rated 9, I liked the story but there are some “ifs”… rated 4, you know what I mean, just awful story and just waiting for it to end.

Do you agree?

If you think that the post needs more information about the movies, let me know.



2 thoughts on “Movies: My Horror ratings

    1. haha yeah Candy Man traumatized a lot of kids out there x) The Conjuring is so so good!! and El Orfanato too, I’m loving Guillermo Del Toro movies o.o and I don’t those ones, are they as good?


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