I can’t listen to music.

I don’t really listen to music.

I’m a very emotional creature and I had to stop listening to the music that speaks to me deeply. It was just too much to take on. All the situations that the song would remind me of, all the stories…all the souls… Each song would transport me to another and another and another personality inside of me.


I continue to have my favourite songs but I can’t allow myself to listen to more than one favourite song at a time.

Fav songs:

Blinside – Ask me now / Eye of the storm / My alibi (and all the songs/albums)

Slipknot – Vermillion pt2 / psychosocial

Nightwish – Fantasmic / Dark chest of wonders (and others)

The Used – Buried myself alive (and basically all of them)

Stream of passion – Passion / Wherever you are (and others)

Evanescence – Good enough / Haunted / Snow white queen

I’m sure there are a lot more but I make an effort to forget about them. The only time now that I put them playing knowing the consequences is when I need inspiration to write.

Because I can’t listen to my songs I started listening to light cheering pop music that I’m ashamed of but that don’t speak to me at all and it has that power to put us in a good mood or not change your mood at all…(and those are the kind of songs that I have on my cell that I won’t show to anyone).


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