Photography: My cats

One of my hobbies is photography and I decided to begin this topic with photographs I took of my three little meows.SAM_3911This is Shere Kenobi. He was a gift from my boyfriend and he is almost 5 years old. My prince ❤


This is Donatello. We found him on the middle of the road on my birthday. My boyfriend ran to stop a car from hitting him and I just couldn’t leave him there… he is 2 years old. The sweetest cat in the world ❤IMG_20150627_182754

This is Perséfone. I opened Facebook one day and there it was a video of her saying she needed a home…I’m not gonna lie, I thought about it a little bit (5 minutes) and contacted the person who had. She was home within 2 hours. She’s 4 months old. A very independent little woman!

I photograph since I can remember… My mother was always photographing and, as a normal child, I wanted to do it too so it began as little innocent pictures then I had a cell that took pictures and I wondered “I think I like photography…” and I took it a little more serious, not professional but I love photography to record moments and I print it to have it organized.


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