My books

I’m not an avid reader but I love books and I have some I want to read. I could be a book addict but I chose not to because I was already addicted to movies and TV shows and I can get addicted to anything I would like to… (but I still have to control myself when I see a book fair…terrible…)

My mom has lots of juvenile book series so I read most of them when I was little then I started reading the adult books she had that the title would interest me and then I started to buy books that took my attention.


I found out that I prefer fiction stories with angels or fairies in it. I read the “Hush Hush” series and it’s my favorite so far. Currently I’m reading the “Fallen” series but I’m not loving it.

And I have these ones to read:

  • El cuaderno de Maya – Isabel Allende
  • Sugar and Spice – Mary Wright
  • The Girl With Glass Feet – Ali Shaw
  • Ghost Girl – Tonya Hurley
  • Homecoming – Tonya Hurley
  • The nigh circus – Erin Morgenstern
  • The Swan Maiden – Jules Watson
  • Wildwood dancing – Juliet Marillier

I guess the next one that I’m going to read is The Night Circus since I’ve read so much good reviews and thegirlwhoreadtoomuch is always asking me to!

Do you know any of these books?



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