TV shows: Scream TV series


I just finished watching the first season of the Scream tv series. And there’s a lot of things that I don’t like mostly about the acting but there’s some stuff that I really liked. What led me to write this post was that at the beginning of the last episode there was this:


Do you know that “I’ve seen this in all the stories…” thought? Here there’s a lot of that but there’s this character that is a serial killer fan that always makes those references that we’re recognizing! That is so cool! They are always making references to other crime tv shows or movies and that my favorite thing about this show, I guess.


Have you seen it?


5 thoughts on “TV shows: Scream TV series

      1. *SPOILER*

        no, it was the blogger/reporter. Do you want to know more? But there was another that they want us to think that it was Audrey, one of her friends, but we have to wait for the second season.

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