Movies: Intro

Movies are a big part of me.

I always was into movies. I perfectly remember to sneek to the movie room at the school library to see the movies my mother wouldn’t let me and years later asking to my friends and family if they had movies they could lend me and then waking up early to see a movie before school…. Old times.

My favourite genre is horror. But it has to have a great deal of mistery. Specially the ones with children or ghosts or unexplicable entities or events.

I love to feel the intensity of these movies and I’m always looking for the next one great horror movie because there so few of those ones! The last one that I cried because of the good it was, was “The conjuring” it has passed so much time after a movie had me scared of my shadow.


I need to feel this intenstiy so I can feel again. I love to experience emotions at a high level so I can concentrate and express them on paper and see life through another pair of eyes.

A short list of my top movies:

– The conjuring

– El orfanato

– The impossible

– Inception

– A walk to remember

– Wild


Let me know in your coments what’s your favourite genre 🙂


6 thoughts on “Movies: Intro

  1. Gosh, rising early to watch a movie when most kids would be throwing tantrums to get out of bed? Eh, that’s grand 😀

    It is difficult to pick a favourite genre. I love horror but not the gore type, more like psychological thrilling type. Sadly, I find it pretty difficult to find a horror movie with a good plot these days.

    I also enjoy fantasy and sci-fi but, again, difficult to find ones with good stories. It’s mostly about special effects these days. Shame, really.

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