My favourite flower.


Don’t know why. Maybe because it was the first flower I planted, or maybe because they are tall and beautiful or maybe because they need the sun to live.

I love them and I’m going to have them printed on my birthday cake. Every year I have an image printed on my cake. A photograph or something that I particulary enjoyed the past year. I don’t like having my face on it or my cats faces or any face.

I don’t really know flowers. I love receiving them but I hate to see them die. Usually I tell someone else to throw them away to a garden without me seeing it. I hate to see anything die because I like to see it. I enjoy feeling the pain and the suffer not in a bad way, I guess. It’s because I use it to write and to create…


4 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. People never get why I say I don’t want to receive flowers. They just don’t understand that I don’t want to watch something that pretty die. I am glad you understand.

    I’ve reprinted images on birthday cake’s, particularly my mom’s, but mostly of my dad who passed away. I love your criteria to pick them. It’s a whole new way of celebrating another year on Earth. 🙂

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