Free Ebook

So I published my book on Amazon and it’s free for 5 days 🙂 the main language it’s portuguese but it has some english written 🙂 check it out!
Os Anjos Comem Chocolate -Pequenos Contos- (Portuguese Edition)

Bipolar disorder is a big terrifying monster. Always lurking. I can feel it every time behind me. The pressure, the fear, the anxiety, the sadness… and it’s impossible to runaway from.

I try but I can’t keep friends… even ones with similar troubles. It’s just to complicate to explain or to hide. It’s shameful. I tried to explain myself by saying “sorry, I’m just bipolar” but it’s awful, it’s stupid. I don’t want to get away by victimizing myself.

I want to be better. I want to wake to the same person every day. I want to feel the same way about every thing every time.

I’ve been diagnosed a year ago and I’m the same maybe even worse. And I’m medicated. And no friends in sight.

Life got serious and I got caught in the madness. Every thing’s wrong… I can’t work, I can’t leave the house… the only good thing is my writing because this is the right mood to put in words.

Mad as hell!!! Help!

I just received this on my Airbnb feedback and I just lost it!!! I love my pets so much I give them everything they need I spend more money with them than with me and I got this!!!! I’m so mad I don’t know what to do….

I’m so sick of people being mean just because they can…